Youth Athletics


Get Your Student Athlete STRONG in Their Off-Season

Countdown to the 4th Annual Cervus Varsity Athlete Summer Strength & Speed Camp:

Book your student athlete’s spot in Burlington County’s only youth athletics summer strength & speed camp that produces measurable results for high-level student and professional athletes in both speed and strength.

Strength Takes Time to Build.

Don't Wait.

Strength training in the off-season is proven to be the #1 way to improve overall performance and keep your athlete injury free during their season.

We work with scouts and agents who inform us what the coaches are looking for in top-tier Division 1 prospects. And it’s strength, teamwork, and versatility.



Youth athletes need to be strong. With a watchful, trained eye we teach each student the fundamental barbell movements (Bench Press, Back Squat, Deadlift) that help them build appropriate strength for their sport.


Using your strength quickly, generating force, is how a youth athlete is able to outperform his opponents on the field, mat, or court. Through the use of sprinting and barbell movements like the Power Clean we help teach the student athlete how to generate power.


Healthy lungs and hearts are important for life but quite so in sports as well. We have the students perform a variety of workouts to build their cardiovascular capacity, If they’ve got strong hearts and lungs then they can outperform in all aspects.


Athleticism is the understanding and conditioning of the central nervous system and responding muscle groups to perform athletic feats, be it running, jumping, landing, sprinting, or throwing and catching. We turn your student into a varsity player by making them athletic. It’s in our name.

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