About Us


Helping You Through Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability

Part #1: FITNESS

In our gym, from start to finish you are guided the entire way. Our highly trained coaches teach you the movements, help you chose the proper weights to use, and encourage you to step outside of your comfort zone.

We don’t yell.
We encourage.
We push.
We congratulate.
We make it fun.


Most people think the workouts are where they lose the weight. The part that makes the most impact is in the kitchen. We don’t deny you foods. We hate to see people starving themselves. Nope. won’t get that here.

Our nutrition guidance helps you make the right choices, break the bad habits, and sets you up with a sustainable lifestyle and healthy relationship with food.


If you’ve had trouble sticking to the plan or have a tendency to fall off track then we’re here to hold you accountable.

We’re not drill instructors but we’ll be pushing you when it gets tough and you think you want to quit. Don’t think you’re getting off easy. We’re right here to guide you on your path and keep you moving.

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