Sunday Rituals: Meditate

Sunday Rituals: Meditate

October 15, 2017 KYA Yoga 0

Hear me out!

You don’t have to necessarily sit on a mountainside and practice your oms to meditate. We've sort of been fed this idea of what meditation is supposed to look like. Re-imagine it in a way that makes sense for you.

Go on a walk or bike ride. Turn off the technology. Take some time for yourself after everyone else has gone to bed; spend some time alone in your own mind. Sunday meditation really just creates a thoughtful space to think clearly, which is rare in today's hustle and bustle when you're constantly bombarded with information and demands on your attention.

Tip: For those who have a hard time focusing and insist they simply can't meditate or "do" quiet time..consider it this way. Meditation is a'll never get better at it if you don't practice. Challenge yourself! Step outside of your comfort zone to make it happen. 

Create a thoughtful place to think about the week ahead and what you need to do to make it successful. What went well? What will you do differently next week?

When we take the time to become mindful of our worries, excitement, or dread, we feel more energized and prepared to tackle these emotions as they come up (and they will!), versus having them arise spontaneously during the week ahead and creating an anxious space for us. Nobody has time for that shit.