Kick Your Asana Yoga


In our day-to-day activities, most people are not able to experience a full range of motion in their ligaments and joints, making them tight and troublesome. Improved mobility can help decrease pain caused by tightness in the muscles that surround our joints, whether it be from overuse of those muscles or lack of flexibility in general. Yoga improves our mobility helping to alleviate those symptoms over time.


A well-rounded yoga practice will help even out imbalances in the body, preventing overuse injuries. Working on our body awareness ensures that we’re activating and strengthening the smaller muscle groups which properly support the larger, primary muscle groups, keeping them safe from harm.


Focusing on the breath during yoga helps bring a relaxed awareness to our body and mind. We can turn inwards, tune into what our body needs, and make that the focus of our practice that day. Synchronizing our breath with the postures, gradually builds internal heat, drawing us into a rhythmic flow that will leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated and shit. Can I get a fuck yeah?!

Watch one of our yoga sessions!

Take a peek at our yogis getting all flexy!

Membership Pricing

We understand life is busy so we give you plenty of membership options to join our community. Maybe you can only get to one class every once in a while, so for you we have a drop-in rate. If you would prefer to take advantage of a full membership (12 classes each month), that includes* special yoga events, then we have that for you as well.

*Some special yoga events have additional (nominal) charges to pay for special expertise that we hire for those events. We will notify all members of those events with special charges before planned dates.

NOTE: CrossFit/Fit For Life (Unlimited) memberships include full yoga memberships automatically. All prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are subject to NJ sales tax.


Access: Yoga – Bootcamp- CrossFit

$ 10

  • Good for one (1) class of any program!
  • Perfect for trying us out!


Access: Bootcamp

$ 60 / mo.

  • 30 minute class
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
  • Calisthenics (body weight movement)
  • Plyometrics (jump training)
  • No barbell / No intimidation
  • Torch fat / Tone muscle
  • No long term commitment
  • Babysitting (by appointment)

Get in Touch

We’d love to speak with you about your goals and expectations. Let’s set up a no-pressure call so that you can ask the questions you have and we can ease your mind. It will also give us a chance to explain the onboarding process. Submit your info below and we will contact you immediately. If you prefer a later call just state the time in the message area.



5am (CrossFit)
6am (CrossFit)
7am (Fit For Life)
8am (CrossFit)
9:45am (Torch & Tone)
12pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)
1pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)
2pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)
4pm (Open Gym)
5pm (CrossFit)
6pm (CrossFit)
7pm (Torch & Tone)
7:30pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)


4-6pm (Open Gym)
6pm (Yoga)
7pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals) 


9am (Open Gym)
11am (Yoga)
12pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)
1pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)