Fit For Life


Building strength is key to moving through life. This is very important so we focus heavily on it (pun completely intended). Strength is king and we definitely make you strong.

Our movements are simple but highly effective. You’ll be deadlifting to keep yourself out of the grave (oh man, I’m on fire today!). You’ll be squatting to make it easier to get up out of your chair. You’ll even be bench pressing weights to help build the strength to lift yourself off of the floor if you were to fall.


We’re not talking about running a marathon here, so don’t break a sweat (I kill me!) What we do is use our cardio machines (air bikes and rowing machines) to build your cardiovascular capacity. We also use movement, in the form of push ups and ring rows for example, to elicit a cardio response, but we DO love our cardio machines…

Get it? Love…heart? Cardio(vascular)…also heart? No? Welp, can’t win all of them!


There’s nothing funny about flexibility, so no jokes here. If you don’t have it you will get hurt doing normal everyday activities. We will explain exercises that improve your flexibility and help you understand why it is important. Ok, you get it about flexibility, I won’t stretch this conversation out any…longer

I’m here all week, folks! Tip your waitress!

Let us introduce you to Fit For Life

At it’s core, “Fit For Life” is still CrossFit. All CrossFit workouts are based on functional movements such as bodyweight exercises, lifting light, medium, and sometimes heavy weights, biking, rowing and much more. These are the core movements of life. What we do at CrossFit Cervus is remove the non-essential movements (the “sport” movements, if you will) from the Fit For Life Program. This allows us to focus predominantly on building strength, which is important for the key of life – locomotion, without sacrificing your safety.

We aren’t saying that sport movements are dangerous or unnecessary, but what we are focusing on is the essential movements for a healthy 55+ year old adult whose interest is in simply staying active. We know what works. We know what you need. Let us help you live a longer and healthier lifestyle. 
Let us help you stay Fit For Life.

Membership Pricing

Whether you are a hard-core gym rat who comes in everyday or your busy schedule only permits two times a week, we have a plan for everyone. Call for additional details. All prices are subject to change without notice. All prices are subject to NJ sales tax.

NOTE: ALL prospective members must first attend our Fundamentals Course before graduating on to any CrossFit, Fit For Life, or Varsity Athlete memberships or punch card, regardless of previous CrossFit/gym experience.


Access: Fit For Life

$ 145 / mo.

  • Unlimited Fit For Life classes
  • Unlimited Kick Your Asana Yoga classes
  • Special 7am class for 55+ age group
  • Class is tailored to your specific needs and abilities
  • Access to Nutrition Coaching
  • Must attend Fundamentals first


Access: Fit For Life

$ 80 / mo.

  • 8x per month / 2x per week (avg)
  • Good option for busy lives
  • Helps ease fitness into your schedule
  • Must attend Fundamentals first
  • NO access to Yoga/Open Gym
  • Avg $10 per class (8x per month)

Get in Touch

We’d love to speak with you about your goals and expectations. Let’s set up a no-pressure call so that you can ask the questions you have and we can ease your mind. It will also give us a chance to explain the onboarding process. Submit your info below and we will contact you immediately. If you prefer a later call just state the time in the message area.



5am (CrossFit)
6am (CrossFit)
7am (Fit For Life)
8am (CrossFit)
9:45am (Torch & Tone)
12pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)
1pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)
2pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)
4pm (Open Gym)
5pm (CrossFit)
6pm (CrossFit)
7pm (Torch & Tone)
7:30pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)


4-6pm (Open Gym)
6pm (Yoga)
7pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals) 


9am (Open Gym)
11am (Yoga)
12pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)
1pm (Personal Training / Fundamentals)

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