Do You. Do You?

Do You. Do You?

August 9, 2017 Uncategorized 0

I’ll be completely honest..I have a hard time navigating the yoga terrain on social media. It can be incredibly daunting when you're just starting out to feel like you’ll never measure up or try to compare yourself to the more celebrated mainstream (and amazing!) yogis.

For awhile there, I was doubting that I had what it took to teach and practice yoga in a class setting. So much of what we see and hear tells us that yoga should be “this” or “that”. “It’s not real yoga if ”…”Yoga is meant to help us quiet our mind and relax our bodies”, “Yoga must be practiced in a quiet, zen-like studio atmosphere..”. My style of yoga has been questioned outright on social media (which I find to be both a blessing and a plague) and like most confrontations, left me raging which led to guilt…because why? I've been led to believe that yoga instructors should behave and react with some sort of quiet, pensive reserve when confronted with a problem. And...have you met me?

At first, I was resistant and angry. Think 3-year-old temper tantrum, “If yoga doesn’t want me..maybe I don’t want IT! Hmmph!”. But then I remembered something I learned during my personal practice: try to see the clear picture, one not clouded by emotion or fear. I took a step back and realized that this was NOT yoga telling me that my style of yoga didn’t belong, or that our glorious, open warehouse space and my habit of dropping f-bombs wasn’t the appropriate atmosphere for practice. These were just preconceived notions of yoga "shoulds" laid out by others who feel they have the right to tell people the hows/whats/wheres & whys of their practice…and everyone is entitled to their opinion.

That being said…I am also entitled to wave an upright middle finger in their general direction. Cause f*ck that shit.

Yoga is a wild energy. It is not to be kept in a box of conformity that tells it how to behave. Yoga is not what anybody else tells you it is supposed to be. And neither you, nor I have to fit our practice within the boundaries of preset standards or rules regarding how we go about our practice.

You can approach your mat feeling peaceful and serene and move through a graceful flow from beginning to end, your body humming in tune with your heart & mind. You can also begrudgingly unroll that damn mat and stomp around feeling pissy the whole damn class. You may start off feeling one way, and end up feeling another.

Yoga can be practiced on a mountainside, under a waterfall, surrounded by nature. It can also be practiced amid a sea of Legos in your living room, while the kids are distracted by evil technology and non-organic snacks, as you roll through a couple sun salutations on your dirty ass carpet.

It’s not our place to decide what someone else’s experience should consist of. In other words, whatever YOUR practice consists of, whichever emotions you bring to the mat (or maybe you bring none at all and just want a killer workout), experience your time fully. We provide the space, the tunes and the opportunity. The rest is up to you.

Work that zen, celebrate the mat rage…whatevs. Do you, boo boo.

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