Author: Melonie Perino

Nutrition, Bitch: Bites – 10 Tips to Avoid the “Stuffing”

I KNOW…we’ve built a holiday around overindulgence. You want me to leave you the f*ck alone and not talk about nutrition on this, the sacred day of overeating. Just hear me out. TRUST ME..if I didn’t hear post-holiday regret from uhhh 100% of people I’ve ever met, I could have left well enough alone, BUT…
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November 21, 2017 0

Nutrition, Bitch: Bites – Behavior vs. Outcome

Behavior Goal VS. Outcome Goal Do you know the difference between a behavior goal and an outcome goal? A behavior goal is based on something you can directly control and do yourself; an outcome goal is based on the end product of a series of behaviors.

 Most people set only outcome goals, such as the…
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November 14, 2017 0

Nutrition, Bitch: Bites

5 Reasons to Eat Healthy Sh*t That Have Nothing to Do With Weight Loss It Boosts Your Energy Paying attention to your nutrition and eating balanced meals and snacks can help fight that 3PM slump. What do I mean by balanced? Making sure each meal contains unprocessed whole carbohydrates, lean protein and a dose of…
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November 7, 2017 0

Sunday Rituals: Meditate

Hear me out! You don’t have to necessarily sit on a mountainside and practice your oms to meditate. We’ve sort of been fed this idea of what meditation is supposed to look like. Re-imagine it in a way that makes sense for you. Go on a walk or bike ride. Turn off the technology. Take…
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October 15, 2017 0

Sunday Rituals: Setting Goals

Setting goals helps us create the path for growth. Whether you are focusing on short-term or long-term goals, starting with small, manageable tasks that you can easily complete will help boost your confidence and create motivation to keep going. Pick one goal to work towards this week (ex: work out for 1 hour, 3 times…
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October 8, 2017 0

Sunday Rituals: Meal Prep

Sunday Rituals: Meal PrepMany people enjoy cooking. There is a sense of purpose and accomplishment in creating a meal. But…at the end of a long weekday, we don’t always feel like spending hours in the kitchen cooking fresh, healthy meals. If you find yourself turning to takeout during the week, you can nip this habit…
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October 1, 2017 0

Sunday Rituals: Ditch the Attitude, Practice Gratitude

In the first of our Sunday Rituals series, we’ll focus on shifting our mindset to help start your week on a more positive note. Creating rituals or habits that you do every Sunday in order to prepare for the days ahead will help you get a jump start on the week and may alleviate a…
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September 24, 2017 0

Do You. Do You?

I’ll be completely honest..I have a hard time navigating the yoga terrain on social media. It can be incredibly daunting when you’re just starting out to feel like you’ll never measure up or try to compare yourself to the more celebrated mainstream (and amazing!) yogis. For awhile there, I was doubting that I had what…
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August 9, 2017 0